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wfk SBL 2004

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    wfk SBL 2004

    Soil Ballast wfk SBL 2004, 100 % cotton, approx. 8 g soil/swatch, 20 swatches/pack, also used for testing laundry detergents (AISE, IKW, EU Ecolabel), IEC 60456 draft Ed.6, DIN EN 17658:2022 and other test methods

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wfk SBL 2004 is the ‘standard’ Soil Ballast used for testing laundry processes.
It is requested e.g. in the following protocols:

  • A.I.S.E. Detergent Test Protocol
  • EU Ecolabel Performance Test Protocol

The soil composition of wfk SBL 2004 is more complex than that of (technically outdated) SBL classic . With that we managed to drive the soil ballast impact on stain removal closer to ‘reality’ (as established in bundle tests).

Quality Control

During production we continuously determine the quantity of actually applied soil per area of fabric and adjust the swatch size to assure a controlled soil quantity per swatch. That is the reason why different swatches may have different size (even from the same batch). This is intended to assure each swatch carries the same amount of soil. Differences in colour shade will also not affect the performance of the product. Each batch is also quality checked in extensive stain removal tests on a wide range of test stains and using different detergents and different wash temperatures (and since 2016 also including whiteness maintenance tracers to capture the soil donor characteristics of the wfk SBL 2004 batches).

Storage recommendation

This product is produced to provide you with a test material of reliable quality and performance. To maintain this quality please keep this product vacuum sealed in a cool and dark place. Expected minimum shelf life then is 12 months.

Storage recommendation for opened packages

  • Keep unused swatches in the original aluminium plastic bag, press out the air, flip over the open side of the bag and keep it that way dark and at fridge temperature. Still use the remaining swatches within two weeks after opening.
  • If you intend to store longer: Vacuum seal the swatches. e.g. with a household vacuum sealer, put the vacuum package back into our aluminium plastic bag, flip over the open side of the bag and keep it that way dark and at fridge temperature. Shelf life then depends on the “quality of the vacuum”, of course.