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Reference and standard white fabrics, market relevant textiles

All standard fabrics are especially produced for wfk – Testgewebe GmbH. Only well defined yarns are used, weaving and finishing is controlled by us.
The following table lists some of our standard fabrics and indicates their typical textile technical data (please note that actual data of individual batches may deviate from the numbers listed below):

Order CodeNameDescriptionWidth (cm)Area Weight (g/m²)
10000wfk 10AStandard cotton, plain weave 1/1100170 [1]
11000wfk 11AStandard cotton with coloured warp threads (for Tests acc. ISO 2267 or DIN 53919), plain weave 1/180170 [1]
12000wfk 12ACotton Terry Cloth160380
13000wfk 13ACotton Twill160205
14000wfk 15ACotton Baseload Fabric, plain weave 1/1160185
15000wfk 80ACotton Knit, Ponte de Roma160160
16000wfk 90ACotton Rips acc. IEC 60456100200
20000wfk 20APolyester/Cotton (65 %/35 %)100170 [1]
30000wfk 30APolyester100170 [1]
40000wfk 40APolyamide 6.68075
50000wfk 50APolyacrylics55140
60000wfk 60AWool75125
70000wfk 70ASilk9090

[1] Area weight for washed fabric: Fabrics 10 A / 11 A are defined in DIN 53919, the weight per area shall be 170 g/m² after being washed in standard wash cycles. The unwashed fabric is approx. 160 g/m². The wfk standard fabrics 20 A and 30 A were specified using the description for the cotton fabrics to have all fabrics as similar as possible. Area weights of unwashed fabrics for 20 A / 30 A are approx. 160 g/m² as well.

Market relevant textiles (MRF) e.g. for testing the maintenance of whiteness over multiple wash cycles. Our MRF fabrics are produced with optical brightener. This allows to get information about the influence of detergents and wash programs on brightened textiles consisting of different fibres and fibre mixtures.

Order CodeDescriptionWidth
MRF‑0001Cotton Terry Cloth with brightener, 500 g/m²

155 cm
MRF‑0002Cotton Weft Knit (Interlock), with brightener, 280 g/m²

165 cm
MRF‑0003Polyester/Cotton 65/35, Plain Weave, with brightener, 125 g/m²

150 cm
MRF‑0004Nylon Weft Knit (light Jersey), with Brightener, 85 g/m²

135 cm
MRF‑0005Nylon/Spandex 80/20, warp knit with brightener, 175 g/m²

140 cm
MRF‑0006Cotton/Spandex Twill (3/1), with Brightener, 300 g/m²

150 cm
MRF‑0007Polyester/Spandex 93/7, Weft Knit (light Jersey) with brightener, 185 g/m²

150 cm
MRF‑0008Polyester Weft Knit with brightener, 135 g/m²

165 cm
MRF‑0012Standard Polycotton Jersey fabric, Polyester/Cotton 50/50, bleached white

150 cm
MRF‑0013Standard elastic rib fabric with Elastane, Polyester (Coolmax)/Elastane 96/04, bleached white

125 cm

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