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Multi Stain Monitors

We produce and offer a wide variety of multi stain monitors and stain strips.

One example is our multi stain monitor PCMS-55, order code: 92055-05. For this monitor a selection of 13 of our wfk soils on cotton fabric in the swatch size 5 cm x 5 cm is sewn onto a carrier fabric. (see description below. Please note: colours in the description do not represent the colour of the swatches)

You may select soiled test fabrics from our range of products and also from the product range of other manufacturers e.g. Swissatest, CFT and we may produce custom made multi stain monitors for you.

Another alternative to receive ready to use monitors is to request swatches sewn together in one line like our product Stain Strip wfk 1206, 6 swatches 12 x 12cm (see image below), order code: 91206-10 (10 strips) or order code: 91206-12 (12 strips).