Nov 17, 2011

Standard DW dishes

November 2011: Availability of Arzberg dishware items specified in IEC 60436 and other standards

Arzberg dishware items are specified in International Standard IEC 60436 as well as in several regional test methods and standards. Whenever an items is discontinued by the manufacturer we keep increased stock to serve the testing community as long as possible while the respective standards are revised.

Some items are continued but now available under new names, which may cause irritation as well as formal problems concerning standard compliance. Here are some statements that - I hope - resolve some issues:

  • Arzberg offers a wide range of different styles/shapes and patterns/colors of dishware.
  • For testing purposes we do not use any patterns or colors other than white.
  • The different styles/shapes have different numbers - the German expression for style/shape is 'Form'.
  • Some (older) styles/shapes also have or had names:
    • Form 8500 was also called 'City'
    • Form 8700 is also called 'Daily'
  • Other styles/shapes do not have any names:
    • Form 1382 has no additional name
    • Form 2000 has no additional name
  • Arzberg offers some items as part of more than one style/shape:
    • Some of the Form 8500 items are also offered as part of the Form 2000 product line.
  • The Form 8500 product line is not offered anymore.
  • Some items were part of the Form 8500 and the Form 2000 product lines - they are still manufactured but now only sold as Form 2000 items:
    • the 25/26 cm Dinner Plate *)
    • the 19 cm Desert Dish
    • the 17 cm bread and butter plate
  • The 13 cm Fruit Bowl of Form 8500 has never been part of the Form 2000 product line and was discontinued (= is no longer manufactured).

*) The 25/26 cm Dinner Plate was called '26 cm' as part of Form 8500 and '25 cm' as part of Form 2000 - however, the plate is identical, the actual diameter has always been closer to 25 than to 26 cm.

Tom Hilgers,
wfk Testmaterials