May 3, 2018

IEC/EN Serving Fork

May 2018: Description of Standard Serving Fork in IEC and EN

The standards IEC 60456, EN 60456/50242 for testing dishwasher performance specify load items such as dishes and cutlery. One issue regarding these specifications is that the name of these products or the description the manufacturers provide may change over time while the actual products remain unchanged. The Serving fork in the IEC / EN standards is one example:

There have been only two serving forks in the IEC or EN specifications in the last 15 years: When the old 'Berlin' style serving fork (192 mm long) became unavailable it was replaced by the 'neutral' WMF serving fork - neutral meaning that it is not part of any specific style. That same item was first described as 195 mm long when it came into the standard(s), later the name was changed to 190 mm without changing the actual product. However, despite the changing product description in the manufacturer's catalogue it is the same product and there has only been this one single 'neutral' serving fork from WMF, the manufacturer. The currently published IEC and EN standards correctly refer to it as 190 mm, but we are aware of the fact that the same fork was described as 195 mm length at least in unofficial working documents years back.

WFK is active in both the IEC and EN committees and will always make sure to supply the right material to fully comply with the standards requirements.

More info regarding changing product names of DW load items can be found here.