Ballast loads, base load textiles

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wfk Test Materials (wfk Testgewebe GmbH) is producer and supplier of ballast load and base or test load textiles for appliance testing and other applications. We produce and prepare base/test load textiles that are specified in international and regional standards and test protocols, but also to our own specifications. wfk Test Materials also supply products from other manufacturers.


DOE Clothes Washer Rulemaking: Appendix J1

Standardized test cloth (Energy Test Cloth) is used to simulate a washer load of clothes in a test determining the RMC.

The U.S. government established the first federal test procedures for clothes washers in 1977. In the 1990’s, concurrent with the development of new energy conservation standards for clothes washers, the Department of Energy began revising the clothes washer test procedure.

The current appendix J1 test procedure specifies an energy efficiency descriptor called the the modified energy factor (MEF). In contrast with the previous EF descriptor which only calculated the energy use of the clothes washer itself, the MEF descriptor accounts for the remaining moisture content (RMC) of clothes leaving the clothes washer. In order to calculate the RMC, appendix J1 requires manufacturers to use a particular lot of standardized test cloth (Energy Test Cloth) to simulate a washer load of clothes.

The DOE Energy Test Cloth is available from wfk: