Batches of LAS vs. detergent batches

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The Rinsing Protocol of standard AHAM HLW-1 uses the LAS (anionic surfactant) of the test detergent as a marker for assessing rinsing efficiency of a wash process. The analytical method (UV spectrophotometry) is calibrated with the LAS component itself, samples of the actual batches of LAS mixed into the detergent batches can be made available on request. Here is a list of detergent batches produced since 2012 and the respective LAS batches (if available):


Detergent Type
Detergent batch
Batch LAS
(Marlon ARL)
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.299-992 LAS.309-984
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.239-581 LAS.299-839
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.299-578 LAS.189-531
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.169-340 LAS.219-282
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.239-185 LAS.179-008
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.278-829 LAS.179-008
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.248-619 LAS.278-739
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.188-451 LAS.278-739
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.188-262  not available
AHAM HLW-1 Formula III AHAM-F3.128-130  not available
IEC A* BASE IECA*.319-949 LAS.299-839
IEC A* BASE IECA*.259-907 LAS.299-839
IEC A* BASE IECA*.329-788 LAS.329-689
IEC A* BASE IECA*.249-690 LAS.329-689
IEC A* BASE IECA*.209-641 LAS.189-531
IEC A* BASE IECA*.299-578 LAS.189-531
IEC A* BASE IECA*.289-487 LAS.219-282
IEC A* BASE IECA*.279-396 LAS.219-282
IEC A* BASE IECA*.159-321 LAS.219-282
IEC A* BASE IECA*.149-221 LAS.179-008
IEC A* BASE IECA*.249-186 LAS.179-008
IEC A* BASE IECA*.219-039 LAS.179-008
IEC A* BASE IECA*.298-948 LAS.179-008
IEC A* BASE IECA*.248-871 LAS.179-008
IEC A* BASE IECA*.248-808 LAS.179-008
IEC A* BASE IECA*.248-718 LAS.278-739
IEC A* BASE IECA*.228-590 LAS.278-739
IEC A* BASE IECA*.238-528 LAS.278-739
IEC A* BASE IECA*.158-430 not available
IEC A* BASE IECA*.228-374 not available
IEC A* BASE IECA*.228-248 not available
IEC A* BASE IECA*.248-178 not available
IEC A* BASE IECA*.188-073 not available