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wfk Testgewebe GmbH was incorporated in 1969 to comply with the increasing demand for reproducible standardised monitors for performance testing of washing machines and detergents and the raw materials applied in these products. 100% of the company is owned by wfk - Cleaning Technology Institute e.V. in Krefeld, Germany.

Objectives of wfk Testmaterials (wfk Testgewebe GmbH) are development, production and distribution of test monitor systems for performance evaluation but also education in test monitor application and interpretation of test results. This is achieved in two ways:

  • Development of monitors applicable for product improvement and development
  • Development of monitors applicable for performance evaluation as experienced by consumers

The first approach focuses mainly on qualified differentiation between compared products or processes whereas step 2 means validating the relevance of lab results in practice. Tracing the reasons for lower or better performance is the first step towards product optimization, predicting the actual performance in consumer homes is another major aspect before starting expensive field tests.

We offer the following soiled, multi-soiled or locally stained test fabric systems:

Test monitors produced using cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester, polyamides, polyacrilics, wool, silk and other textile substrate to predict:

  • General detergency
  • Bleaching
  • Enzymatic stain removal
  • Redeposition, fibre and dye damage, ash
  • Disinfection

using artificial and natural soils and stains compounds, aged with different intensities or UN-aged, and also

  • Soiled carpets, autodish wash monitors
  • Standard soils, custom tailored soiling, soil ballast fabrics, standard ballast loads according to ISO and IEC standards
  • Standard test and custom tailored detergents for textiles and dish washing