Product name: Greying Swatch II
Product order code: 10992
Package size: single pieces
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Soil donor "Greying Swatch II" for soil redeposition tests.



100 % cotton terry cloth swatch.

Soil consisting of

  • fats,
  • pigments,
  • starch,
  • proteine
  • additional components as in SBL2004

(no silicone)

GS-II is basically a combination of the GS-I and SBL2004 concepts. It is therefore a more complex system than GS-I with lower absolute level of redeposition on the tracer fabrics but also less noise than obtained with GS-1.

Application (full scale tests in washing machines):

- Use clean ballast loads.
- Use 1 wfk GREYING SWATCH as soil donor per 3,5 kg ballast load.
- Use white test specimen (adjacent fabrics) as soil acceptors.
- Run 5 replicates, without exchanging the load and test specimen but replacing the wfk GREYING SWATCH with a new one for each replicate.
- Evaluate the redeposition on the white test specimen e.g. by reflectance measurement.

Any resulting redeposition is achieved with a limited number of test runs, its maximum level is slightly lower than that obtained with Greying Swatch I and will as well not substantially exceed 'real' greying levels as experience by consumers.

Quality Control

During production we determine the quantity of actually applied soil to assure a controlled soil quantity per swatch.

Storage recommendation

This product is produced to provide you with a test material of reliable quality and performance. To maintain this quality please keep this product in a cool and dark place. Expected shelf life then is 1 year.