Greying Swatch I

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Product name: Greying Swatch I
Product order code: 10991
Package size: single pieces
Price: Price list


Soil donor "Greying Swatch" for soil redeposition tests.



100 % cotton terry cloth swatch.

Soil consisting of

  • fats,
  • pigments,
  • starch,
  • proteine.

Contains silicone oil as suds surpressor.


Application (full scale tests in washing machines):

- Use clean ballast loads.
- Use 1 wfk GREYING SWATCH as soil donor per 3,5 kg ballast load.
- Use white test specimen (adjacent fabrics) as soil acceptors.
- Run 5 replicates, without exchanging the load and test specimen but replacing the wfk GREYING SWATCH with a new one for each replicate.
- Evaluate the redeposition on the white test specimen e.g. by reflectance measurement.

Any resulting redeposition is achieved with a limited number of test runs, its maximum level will not substantially exceed 'real' greying levels as experience by consumers.

Quality Control

During production we determine the quantity of actually applied soil to assure a controlled soil quantity per swatch.

Storage recommendation

This product is produced to provide you with a test material of reliable quality and performance. To maintain this quality please keep this product in a cool and dark place. Expected shelf life then is 1 year.