IEC 60456 DRAFT (!) Standard Wool Detergent

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Product name: IEC-W Liquid Wool Wash Detergent
Product order code: 88038
Package size: 1 kg (approx. 1 l, bottle)
Price: Price list



IngredientSpecification    Tolerance +/-
Linear sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate 10,0 % 1,0 %
Ethoxylated fatty alcohol C12/14 (7 EO) 5,0 % 0,5 %
Fatty Acid (as anti foam) 1,0 % 0,1 %
Phosphonate 0,5 % 0,05 %
Propanediol 5,0 % 0,5 %
1,2-Benzisothiazoline-3-on (‚BIT’, eg „Proxel“)               100 ppm 10 ppm
Sodium Hydroxide --> pH 8,5 -
Demineralized Water balance -


Quality Control

Samples of all batches are chemically analysed, stability over time also when exposed to temperatures higher than room temperature is checked. We also run performance tests to finally establish and propose performance criteria. Descriptions of chemical analysis methods are available.

Storage recommendation

This product is produced to provide you with a test material of reliable quality and performance. To maintain this quality please keep this product in a cool and dark place.