IEC 60456 Standard Detergent Type B

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IEC Standard Detergent Type B (HD, phosphate free, low suds)

The International Standard IEC 60456 specified a phoshphate based reference detergent up to edition 3 (1998-02). That formulation was deleted from the standard IEC 60456 with edition 4 (2003-10). However, the detergent is still being used for several local or regional test methods, e.g. the Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2040.1. It is therefore still manufactued to the IEC 60456 edition 3 specifications and as of today continues to be a regular wfk product.

IEC-B is specified to be distributed and stored in 2 separate parts:

REMARK: The Australian standard AS/NZS 2040.1:2005 states in a note underneath the specification table that "the detergent for drum type machines is the IEC reference detergent B". That is not fully correct, because the Australian standard uses the IEC-B BASE detergent but only adds 5 % of perborate (as compared to 20 % in IEC). Therefore the percentages the Australian standard specifies for the BASE detergent (i.e. the components excluding the perborate bleach) are re-calculated to sum up to 95 %. A better wording for the note would have been: "The detergent for the drum type machines is the IEC reference detergent B BASE plus 5 % perborate".