IEC Standard Dishwash Detergent Type D

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Product name: GSM-D IEC Standard Dishwash Detergent Type D
Product order code: 88104
Standard IEC 60436:2015-11 (Edition 4)
Package size: 1 kg
Price: price list



Sodium citrate dihydrate 30,0 %

Maleic acid / acrylilc acid copolymer sodium salt, active substance

equals 12% content of 50 % active compound (as in IEC 60436)
or e.g.  6,5 % Sokalan CP5 granulate
or e.g.  20 % content of 30 % compound Norasol WL4

6 %


Sodium percarbonate 7,0 %
TAED (92% active) 2,0 %
Sodium silicate
10,0 %
Linear fatty alcohol ethoxylate 2,0 %

Protease Savinase X.0T

e.g. Savinase 16.0T

160 KNPU/kg *)

1,0 %

Amylase Termamyl xxT

e.g. Termamyl 120.0T

600 KNU/kg *)

0,5 %

Sodium Carbonate, anhydrous balance

*) activity units

Quality Control

Samples of all batches are chemically analysed. We also run performance tests to finally establish and propose performance criteria. Descriptions of chemical analysis methods are available.

Storage recommendation

This product is produced to provide you with a test material of reliable quality and performance. To maintain this quality please keep this product in a cool and dark place. Expected minimum shelf life then is 1 year. However, the Standard IEC 60436 requires the product to be used within 6 months after production.

Availability as product sample

PLEASE NOTE: The IEC Type D formulation (our product 'GSM-D') is currently available as a service to the testing community working with the new formulation - the demand for that product is currently still very low. However, the product is produced in regular batch sizes. We supply from each given batch as long as chemical analysis data do not indicate any substantial degradation. Depending on the demand for the product this may mean that we supply batches that are older than the estimated minimum shelf life given above.