IEC Standard Dishwash Detergent Type C

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Product name: GSM-C IEC Standard Dishwash Detergent Type C
Product order code: 88103
Standard IEC 60436
Package size: 1 kg
Price: Price list

+++ Due to very low demand the product is currently not available +++


Sodium tripolyphosphate 23,0 %
Sodium citrate dihydrate 22,3 %

Maleic acid / acrylilc acid copolymer sodium salt

e.g. 50 % compound Sokalan CP5
or e.g. 30 % compound Norasol WL4

2,0 %

4,0 %

Sodium perborate monohydrate 6,0 %
TAED 2,0 %
Sodium silicate
5,0 %
Linear fatty alcohol ethoxylate 2,0 %

Protease Savinase X.0T

e.g. Savinase 8.0T

80 KNPU/kg *)

1,0 %

Amylase Termamyl xxT

e.g. Termamyl 60.0T

420 KNU/kg *)

0,7 %

Sodium Carbonate, anhydrous balance

*) activity units

Quality Control

Samples of all batches are chemically analysed. We also run performance tests to finally establish and propose performance criteria. Descriptions of chemical analysis methods are available.

Storage recommendation

This product is produced to provide you with a test material of reliable quality and performance. To maintain this quality please keep this product in a cool and dark place. Expected minimum shelf life then is 1 year.