Reference and standard dishwash detergents

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wfk Test Materials (wfk Testgewebe GmbH) is a leading producer and supplier of standard and reference detergents for laundry and dishwashing. We manufacture many of the test detergents specified in international and regional standards and test protocols. wfk Test Materials also supplies standard detergents from other manufacturers.



Dishwash detergents

listed by Standard organizations (and their standards) in alphabetical order

Standard ANSI/AHAM HLW-1 "Household Electric Dishwashers"

The current edition of ANSI/AHAM DW-1 (still) uses a market detergent: "Use Cascade with the Grease Fighting Power of Dawn powder national formula or equivalent." However, that standard is currently being revised, a next version can be expected to incorporate elements from IEC 60436.


Various appliance standards

Cenelec does not specify own detergents. The Cenelec standards as well as the related national European standards instead refer to IEC standards.

Standard IEC 60436 "Electric dishwashers for household use - Methods for measuring the performance"

Reference Detergent Type A (with phosphate)

This detergent is no longer specified in the latest version of the standard. The main (or rather: only) field of application now remains in material testing according to EN 12875 "Mechanical dishwashing resistance of utensils".

Reference Detergent Type B (phosphate free)

Currently specified test detergent.

Reference Detergent Type C (with phosphate)

Currently specified test detergent, but very rarely used. Due to neglectable demand the product is currently not available.

Reference Detergent Type D (phosphate free) +++ DRAFT +++

The detergent according to the latest draft formulation is available from wfk:

Standard Rinde Aids

The standard rinse aids are available from wfk:

Standard AS/NZS 2007.1
"Performance of household electrical appliances—Dishwashers
Part 1: Methods for measuring performance, energy and water consumption"

The latest edition of AS/NZS 2040.1 specifies two standard detergents:

"AS/NZS detergent"

This is a fairly simple formulation that is comparatively similar to IEC Type A (GSM-A). We currently do not offer this product.

"IEC detergent C (For information only)"

This detergent is our product GSM-C and "under consideration for future adoption in this Standard". However, IEC made the next step with definition of Type D (GSM-D), so introduction of Type C in AS/NZS 2007 is questionable. Due to neglectable demand the product is currently not available.